Imatek Alarm Cable is a type of cable used for supply in factories, high-rise buildings, signal control circuit boards are applied in both civil and industrial electrical systems. The function of the cable is used to transmit signals, sounds and images, the most common application is in camera signal transmission.

The Imatek Profibus network cable is designed with 2 copper cores wrapped with a plastic layer followed by a cushion and foil plus Shield wire to prevent interference.

Material of shell made from PVC / Copper mesh with anti-interference / aluminum ingot + E fiber / Polyethylene shell / Many anti-oxidizing tin-plated copper fibers.

Imatek anti-jamming signal cables are constructed of anti-interference mesh or earthen + TE billet grounded or with anti-interference mesh with an outer anti-mouse copper net.

Imatek fire alarm signal cable is used in fire protection system (fire protection), fire alarm. Fire alarm system is a system of many devices that are responsible for detecting and alarming when a fire occurs.

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