AAG international optical fiber cable has a third incident this year

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This morning, some Vietnamese Internet users sharing information have difficulty connecting gmail and Facebook services. In the information shared with ICTnews on the afternoon of June 16, a representative of an Internet service provider (ISP) in Vietnam confirmed that the information of the AAG submarine cable route has continued to be in trouble and lost service. on S1H branch cable.

Specifically, this ISP representative said that it was updated from the AAG cable operation center, all international channels via AAG-S1H branch (VTU-BU4) were lost. The cause of the incident on the S1H branch of the AAG cable line has not yet been determined due to a source leak or breakage.

“Up to now, according to the announcement of the Cable Control Center, the PFE voltage for the S1H branch cable of the AAG cable is unstable, the partner suspects the S1H cable branch has shunfault fault (power leakage – PV)”, ISP representative in Vietnam share.

The ISP representative also added that the notice of the Cable Center Operation Center also informed that the VTU Station is cooperating with the Operations Center to locate the incident and the plan to repair and fix this problem.

Thus, with AAG having just encountered a problem on the S1H branch cable, since the beginning of 2018, this international sea optical cable has had 3 incidents, has to be repaired and maintained. Twice the AAG cable route encountered an earlier incident on January 6 and May 22 respectively. The incident occurred on the AAG cable on May 22 has just been repaired on June 2 last.

The international AAG optical fiber cable has a total length of 20,000 km and the design capacity reaches 2 Terabit / sec. This is the first cable connection between Southeast Asia and the US, using optical wavelength multiplexing technology (DWDM). Officially put into operation in November 2009, this fiber optic cable starts from Malaysia and ends in the US, with landing points at Mersing (Malaysia), Changi (Singapore), Sri Racha (Thailand), Tungku (Bruney), Vung Tau (Vietnam), Currimao (Philippines), South Lantau (Hong Kong), Guam (USA), Hawaii (USA) … Cable branch turn into Vietnam is in paragraph S1 with a length of 314 kilometer.

Since being put into operation from the end of 2009 until now, the AAG international optical fiber cable has repeatedly encountered problems or maintenance, causing disruption of communication on the route, affecting the operation of ISPs and Vietnamese Internet users.

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