Recruitment of Accountants

Workplace: HCM

1. Income:

– From 8 million or more

– Lunch allowance.

– Bonus if done well.

2. Job description:

– Make weekly and monthly work plans.

– Track the cash flow, Make UNC

– Check and review the accuracy of accounting documents

– Check the balance between detailed and general accounting data

– Statistics and synthesis of accounting data and invoices

– Have a contract

– Manage and monitor payable debts and receivables

– Perform accounting procedures with the bank,

– Prepare payment documents

– Planning the arising operations, following the direction of the chief accountant

– Summarize weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly reports to submit to management

– Prepare and submit PIT, VAT, and financial statements

– Manage inventory of company assets

– Handling jobs arising when the factory reports.

3. Request


– Education level: College level or above.

– Experience: at least 1 year.

– Priority to know Chinese

– Sex: Female, aged 22 years or older

– Skills of organizing work, planning work according to the set objectives, working seriously.

– Ability to capture fast work.

– Ability to solve problems, flexible situations.

4. Benefits

– High income, extremely attractive bonus policies (13 monthly salary, Bonus weekly emulation program / month / year).

– Enjoy all social insurance and health insurance regimes under labor law.

– Attractive remuneration to compete with other companies in the market, to participate in tourism every year.

– Dynamic, professional, friendly working environment, many promotion opportunities.


– Attractive salary increase based on seniority.

– There are opportunities for promotion at work

5. Profile

Soft copy sent to email:

Records include:

1. CV.

2. Job application.

3. Latest color portrait photos.