The super-fast transmission cable in Asia has been operating

Asia Submarine-cable Express (ASE – Asia high-speed underground cable) cable line, using fiber optic backbone with data transfer capacity of up to 40 gigabits per second (you can download a resolution DVD high for about two seconds).

ASE cable is 3ms faster than any other cable connecting Singapore and Tokyo. This index is small but has a great impact on financial transactions in the region, which always requires the delay in transactions to be the smallest.

Strategist Ralph Silva of research firm Silva Research Network said that for banks and investment funds that are fiercely competitive, a small or a small fraction of a second can have a big impact on success. public or failed.

“If all banks jointly make a transaction decision at the same time, the bank’s transaction that occupies the previous computer will win. Three thousandths of a computer’s processing time is an hour in human life, ”Mr. Silva explained.

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